AUREKA was born from the merger of the word EUREKA and the gold chemical symbol AU.


The etymological origin comes from the ancient greek expression Eureka εὕρηκα / Heureka which means “got it!”, the cry of Archimedes at finding the solution to the problem of the bodies reaction in fluids immersion. The solution we found is gold. The gold of knowledge is the mobility of being, of the personal intercultural development of traveling.


Traveling brings selfconsciousness and openness toward intercultural, and the development of hidden skills , those “softs skills” that build the being.


Being and knowledge unite to build the interpersonal skills of the individual.


Intercultural skills are the key of today’s worlds. Transnational’s travel is an inner journey for the individual through which he acknowledges his own culture and opens up to foreign ones. We get lost to find ourselves and then find the others.